Jackie Gutknecht, Medical Intuitive



1 Hour Session

Healing Session - We determine your needs and work with intention to create healing in your life whether that is physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.


Embracing the Light - Awakening Program

1 Month Program - This program eases suffering in crisis.  I work with clients to ease physical symptoms, and to guide them towards their awakening, self empowerment, healing partners and energies that assist them in their healing journey.

This program helps if you are currently experiencing crisis in your life such as:

  • impending surgery, illness or dis-ease for yourself or a loved one;
  • life transition of self or loved one;
  • trauma, addiction, accident, or PTSD;
  • emotional or mental blocks that are impeding your ability to function in a balanced fashion (anxiety/depression); or
  • Debilitating physical ailments.


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Healing Empowerment Program - Awakening your inner healer

3 Month Program - I work with clients to self empowerment and healing themselves while providing physical healing sessions to experience quick results.  I tailor each program for the client's needs whether they are preparing for surgery, combating an existing condition or any physical dis-eases the client is challenged with.  I am guided by their intentions and their unique healing needs.

This intention of this program is to heal your physical dis-eases while awakening to the Healer within yourself and accessing the abundance of assistance in our Universe.  We are working towards your empowerment and self healing so that you can continue your journey on your own and be empowered to follow your heart.

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Awakening the Medical Intuitive and Healer within

1 Year Program - I work with clients to open up to their healing gifts and to self lead themselves to a heart based business in healing others.

We move from an ego based business to a heart based business tapping into your unique healing abilities and how you will apply those in your life of service.

The program intention is to guide to self empowerment on business structure, purpose, holding space, pricing, identifying your healing abilities and how you will use them in the world. 

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