1 Hour Session

Healing Session - We determine your needs and work with intention to create healing in your life whether that is physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.  This session is set with the intention of providing skills, tools and spiritual wisdom to turn your trust and wisdom to your inner and spiritual guidance.

The Power of 3

This program was presented to me by the Ascended Masters at 3:33 am in the morning and I was compelled to create this powerful program.  I work with all of the Ascended Masters in moving forward in my life and I am offering this program in co-creation with the Ascended Masters to get into your Divine Flow and create the life that you want.  This program is guided by myself, and the Ascended Masters, and is specifically designed to your specific needs.  I work with you to receive their wisdom and guidance and then we instill this energy into your life so you can create the life that you are meant to lead.

In this 9 week program, we work on 3 specific areas to get you into your flow.  This is an interactive program wherein we set specific goals and you are provided tools and support to instill a new way of being.  One or more Ascended Masters will come forward for you to work with during your program.  We have 3 energy healing sessions which will be channelling and activating the energies that you need or removing energies that are holding you back.  I hold space during this time so that this energy is instilled into your being so that you can move into your flow in all areas of your life during and after the program is complete.

This Program set out in this way:

  1. Section 1 - The first 3 weeks we work on the mind.  We have an energetic healing session and we set goals for your specific needs.  We put into practice new tools that will allow you to discern your mind from that of spirit or other sources.
  2. Section 2 - We work on emotions.  We have an energetic healing session and we set goals again for your specific needs.  We work through all the emotions that are holding you in a pattern of non-flow.
  3. Section 3 - The last section we work on empathic skills and the physical aspects of how energy flows.  We will have another healing session that will active the energies you will need in order to manage your empathic abilities.

The whole goal is to set you up with the tools, energies and spiritual support that you would only need to turn inwards and find the answers within to continue on with your life purpose and goals.  My purpose in this life is to guide people into their own inner wisdom and to rely on Source/God/Universe to guide us all in unity, peace and joy.

If this program resonates with you, then please contact me below for more information.