Jackie Gutknecht, Medical Intuitive




Through her empathy Jackie has the ability to connect with Source to deliver messages of healing for you and your animals.  She says it like it is, always coming from a place of love.  She has helped with our animals when current food was no longer agreeing with our cat, also, when I came down with shingles, Jackie delivered a healing that allowed it to clear up within a couple of weeks.  Jackie has taken her natural born talent of feeling emotions to an extremely deep level and turned it into a blessing.



It was wonderful talking to Jackie.  She listened and also gave input to our conversation.  I left feeling inspired and motivated to be a better me.



I had such a beautiful healing session with Jackie today.  She connected with me on a very deep level and I felt truly understood.  Not only that, I felt so much more calm and peaceful after our session.  I will definitely be back!  Thank you so much!

George - 14 yr young Bear Dog


Morning George's Angel...he got up at 4 am and went outside (out of character) then slept until 6 am....outside at 7 am and bossing dogs around like his old self...now he is trying to mate with Lucy....he has not done that for 6 months....wow!!!