Jackie Gutknecht, Medical Intuitive

What is Energy Healing?


Physical Healing

In physics everything has energy.  Our life experiences whether they are emotional, physical, mental or spiritual are all part of our make up.  We store these energies within the physical body and they accumulate over a lifetime,  When the energies stored are lower vibration energies such as emotions that aren't released, mental beliefs, or spiritual atrophy, then they can cause dis-eases, addiction and trauma within the physical body.  These energies then require removal or neutralization.  As we are all connected spiritually, we all have the divine ability to heal ourselves but sometimes we don't know how to get there. I work with clients to guide them how to get there, heal them along the way and provide the space for that healing.

As an Empath, I feel the energy of clients, assess their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states, and I am able to work with clients to find their healthy frequency.

Activations - Energy Frequencies

I have the ability to work with all  frequencies that can aid in spiritual growth of individuals.  When working with spirit, I can remove obstacles so that an individual can access their higher selves.  The frequency guided session allows the individual to open up to possibilities they have not yet recognized and guide them to tap into all energies available to all beings.

Animal Healings

Animals act on instinct, their soul's journey, and the energies that they are surrounded by.  As they are gifts from God and they are close to the Divine, our observations of their behaviours can give us insights into our behaviours.  These insights assist us in our healing and our awareness brings healing.  Energies that are trapped in the animals are also released through non-touch healing and I help educate and work with the client to keep their beloved pet healthy and happy.