Jackie Gutknecht, Medical Intuitive




As an Empath I started my alternative medicine journey when I developed allergies, a thyroid condition while already living with preexisting conditions of lower back problems and depression.   This presented itself as pre-menopausal symptoms. 

 Intuitively I worked on the physical aspects of my health and healed myself to a "60% operating capacity".  But physically that was as far as I could heal myself....then a life event forced me to choose to open myself up spiritually, emotionally and mentally, and I began to face my true self.  For the full story, see the download in the Contact page. 



As a medical intuitive and empath my gifts allow me to scan other Beings' physical body and I discern those dis-eases through emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual unbalances and how they are affecting the physical body.

This gift has allowed me to work with individuals on their healing journey to guide them to their healing and to help them heal along the way.



I partner with these amazing Animal Beings and facilitate clients to their Divine Feminine energy.

As part of the healing experience these amazing horses guide us to our healing.  They provide a mirror into our own souls without judgment and with complete feminine energy.  They show us how to be accepting and loving within ourselves and guide us to our own uniqueness which is neither good or bad, it just is. 

You can expect to learn about boundaries, self imposed limitations, emotions, judgments, beliefs, and patterns to name a few.  Horses provide us grounding energy to be ourselves in our experience and learn to flow with the energy of the Divine Feminine, without ego.  Their energy is pure, unbiased, and through the Divine Feminine lens and provides us with a closer connection to ourselves and to our connection to all.